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ChompsterTM is the realization of a dream to bring what we believe to be the most nutritious and tasty food to your pet in the most convenient way possible; with direct-to-home delivery. For years, our nutritious family pet food recipes have been helping pets in Canada to live healthier and happier lives. Now, ChompsterTM brings what some people have called the “miracle pet food”, conveniently, to your doorstep. Our food is made with only the freshest, human-grade ingredients and is baked at a low temperature so as not to burn off any vital nutrients like competing brands. We are passionate about driving a revolution to improve the health and quality-of-life for our pets through better ingredients and nutrition. At ChompsterTM, we are proud to lead the effort by providing you with the ultimate recipe that combines the best quality meat, vegetables, vitamin-packed and gluten-free grains, and our proprietary ChompsterTM healthy powder mixture. We encourage you to learn more about how our food is different than other pet foods. Also, make sure you consult your pet by trying our food as they will tell you themselves how much they love it (sometimes very loudly at dinner time and we apologize in advance for that ).